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Vladimir Maistrenko with Lamborghini furniture exhibiting on ICFF


<div>Vladimir Maistrenko and his company Elite Light and Living LLC / Elite Home represents Lamborghini furniture on the U.S. market.</div> <p>Nowadays every producer of exotic cars wants to have in his portfolio furniture and accessories line to be able to give an option to their clients to create a real atmosphere of the chosen brand not only in cars but also at home. Lamborghini was one of the first manufactures who started to produce furniture line and after a great success in Europe and Middle East the company started to focus on the U.S. market.</p> <p>ICFF exhibition in Javits Center in May 2017 was a debut for Lamborghini furniture in the U.S. together with Elite Home and had a great outcome. High end materials like carbon or perforated genuine luxury leather used for Lamborghini sport cars are integrated very well in furniture and used also for home theaters. Vladimir Maistrenko has already realized a big home theater project and supplied with reclining armchairs and lounge sofas from Lamborghini collection to a private villa in Toronto, Canada( 40000SQF mansion).This kind of project has brought prestige and popularity to Vladimir's Maistrenko business. Elite Light and Living LLC / Elite Home has a lot of knowledge in <a href="elitelightliving.com" target="_blank">luxury design and furniture</a> market.</p> <p>Vladimir Maistrenko</p> <p>Elite Home in New York</p> <p>Ph.: +1 (212) 588-0137 <br />Fax: +1 (212)588-0139</p> <p>elitehomenyc@yahoo.com</p> <p>955 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022</p>

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